Search Behavior Research

Search behavior is personal, intentional, and precise. Analysis of this dataset provides a unique window into audience intent, core needs and their daily lives. Insights from the analysis helps you connect on a more meaningful level by delivering targeted content and/or technology at micro-moments that make all the difference.

Research & Analysis

  • Current performance of digital assets toward HVAs
  • Audience search trends and topics of interest
  • Intent and natural language identification
  • Brand and category questions
  • SERP analysis and blended media opportunities
  • Device, time and location activity
  • Competitor positions and content analysis

Insights & Imagination

  • Website content strategy and topic optimizations
  • Paid search and media advertising strategy
  • Content marketing and performance page design
  • Load time and experience optimizations
  • New product concepts and category opportunities
  • New technology and core needs features
  • Experience marketing ideas and events
  • Influencer and spokesperson selection
Illustration of audience researchIllustration of audience research